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realize it , smile again
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 • 8:21 PM • 0 comments
I know I only can ignore you,  
I only can pretend I didn't see you,  
I only can pretend I didn't hear you. 
This is the only way,to the right path.  
I wish i can change.  
I wish i can realize. 
It's not that I don't want to face you,It's because I can't.  
I'll pray for you,I wish it for you.  I wish we both can found it,with the help of God.  
I hope you can face it firmly,all sins around you.  Let's look for Allah's love,as it is the right one. 
Let's use this time to change,as we never know when would we gone and never back to this world.  
Just don't look back from Allah,because he always so close to us.  
Just go on another one step,you'll grateful soon.  
Just never forget the All-Loving,The Almighty One,Allah.  
Just smile again,remember everything that Allah gives to you in this wonderful world.

Inni akhafullah

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