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Islamic relationship?
Wednesday, July 3, 2013 • 4:24 AM • 0 comments
This question came across in my mind this morning. "Is it true that women is the border of men to become success? In order to find the answer, I need to rewind myself. Well, people says experience is the best teacher. Unfortunately, it's true.

The story started here,

I was one of the best student for PMR and because of that, I got submitted to a boarding school. And then the culture shock came in because of that school really got a strong Bi'ah Islamiah (Islamic environment) in there. Enough of the blablabla, as the result, I rebel and jump into a relationship with a girl.

Now what it has to do with the topic?

Because of the bi'ah islamiah of that school, the secret mission case has to be open. There's a mission inside that case wrote "Islamic relationship". I or we need to pretend that we're not in relationship to avoid being punished by the teachers. Or, if we got caught, we will use the secret mission as the reason why we're doing this. Normally we use this term of "Islamic relationship" after we got caught by friends or Badar. And of course, this islamic thingy makes the relationship become sweeter by asking to pray 5 times a day or even qiamulail together.

After two years, we survived with all kind of situations.

It's true I was happy. It's true I was in love. It's true I got someone who cares. But in the end of the day, I failed. Why? Because I was the best student and now I only got 6A's for my SPM. I was the best student and now I can't further my study in engineering because of my result which I got C in LK and B+ in TK. I was the best student and now I can't continue my study abroad which is my dad's hope because of the result.

So now, Is it true that women is the border of men to become success?

Well, if you judge the answer by the examples that I gave, probably you'll say it's true.  But the reality it's not. I failed because of the relationship itself. It's haraam.

But I really thankful to Allah swt because without this experience, I'll never be in this position. If on that time I got so many friends, now I have ukhuwah. I have Usrah, I have this, I have that. I think the decision to break up is the thing that I have to pay to get all I have now. It seems so expensive before but now it's not anymore.

And because of that, I think that is not a failure to me. In fact it's a success.

For those who has this term of Islamic Relationship in their mind, there's something you should ask yourself.

There are so many with the same gender who really unclear about Islam. Why don't you be there for them instead of the opposite gender?

There are drug dealers,
or even beggers.

You said it's impossible? But why you can do it to the different gender?

Because you approach.

source ; ashraffnazrin

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